About me...

Hello there!
My name is Jenny and I am a faith-filled mom, wife and lover of traditions, family time and the peace of the North Dakota countryside. I was born and raised here and even carry the middle name of my birthplace.

I've been married to my husband Maverick for 19 years and it's amazing how love can keep expanding and growing. We have three kiddos. Lucas is 10 and is always thinking, creating and making you smile. Malia, who is 6 going on 16, is beautiful, spunky, intelligent and just a "little" bossy. Beck is 4 and more than ready to take on the world with his cute grin and giggle and will definitely chat your ear off.

I thank God for my family every day and they are what inspire me to always push to be a better version of myself. I love a beautiful moment captured in a picture and find myself blessed to be able to work with photographers who have such amazing talent and vision.

Why choose ME as your private photo editor?

Why choose me?

How wonderful it is to be asked into someone's special moment and then get to essentially freeze that moment in time. As a photographer, you devote your time and energy and talent to finding and capturing those moments for your clients. Your unique point of view and style all go in to making that perfect photo. Editing is just the icing on the cake, making those captured moments shine.

And this is where I'd love to help you! Editing can take precious time away from more photo shoots or even cutting in to your own free time. My goal is to help you finish out those photos as YOU intended. Your client hired you for a reason and so staying within the boundaries of your style and point of view are so very important to me. I can edit based on your preferences and you can be confident that those captured moments reflect your work, all the while freeing up your time to continue to work with more clients!

Photos have a way of making you feel like you are getting a little glimpse into that special moment. Being a part of the process with editing is truly something that I feel excited and honored to work on!

Private Photo Editing


I offer PRIVATE PHOTO EDITING for weddings, engagements, portraits, or any other event. Images are edited in the photographer's own style, at a per image price.

I also offer CULLING, which can be included in my editing services for an additional per image price.

ready to start?

I know how daunting the thought of outsourcing your editing can be...so I've made it easy for you to find out more. Click below to access my New Client Inquiry form. This gives you access to my Pricing & Services Guide, which includes details regarding the editing I provide and any add on services I may offer. 

Want to "meet" me or give outsourcing a try first? I also offer the option of a CONSULTATION call and/or COMPLIMENTARY TRIAL RUN

OR ready to just jump right in? Start the on-boarding process to reserve your spot on my client list.

I am excited to hear from you!